Mahanraj’s class is a beautiful journey !

Kundalini movement, breath, chanting, uplifting music and songs.

In the physical I was energized by the repeated movements. Mahanraj adapted the movements to suit me, which made me feel very comfortable. I loved the way my body felt enlivened where parts awakened that had been asleep.

The relaxed atmosphere of the class allowed me to have an emotional release, which I welcomed.

There is a lovely variety through the class, where spiritual awakening is the goal.

I feel over time I shall be strengthened in many ways by Mahanraj’s classes

Sat Nam Linda 63

Dear Mahanraj,

Sat Nam, I will miss you when I am in Japan and your wonderful teaching (and chocolate) but your teaching will stay with me wherever I go like Guru Dass’s teaching will stay with you :) Thank you for welcoming me to your class all the time.

Wahe Guru Miyuki

Dearest Mahanraj,

Thank you for being you and all that you do for us. So much love


Dear Mahanraj,

Thanks so much for your caring, grace and teachings.


Dear Mahanraj,

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You must know that I love what you create because I may extend my 3 modules to 4 or possibly 5!!! I have a lot of respect for what you have offered to my life. Big Love.


Dear Mahanraj,

What a journey! Thank you for your teachings of discipline and grace. I will be forever grateful Sat Nam Bonnie

Thank you Mahanraj,

It was a blessing that I found your class and through that this teacher training. Love and hugs


Sat Nam and Thank you Mahanraj for supporting me through my kundalini journey. May your life be filled with love and joy because you deserve it.


Thank you Mahanraj, You have allowed me to grow, learn and love all of me. Thank you for the support and for holding the space. Sat Nam Love.


Dear Mahanraj, Thank you so much for your beautiful facilitation of the space and opening the doors for me to experience this course. With love.


Dear Mahanraj, Thank you for support, service and grace for our learning and the teachings to be able to take place in such nurturing environment. Blessings.


Huge gratitude and many blessings to you Mahanraj for all the energy you’ve put into making this such a flowing delightful experience. With love.


Dearest Mahanraj, as always you are amazing. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Nam Hari

Dear Mahanraj thank you so much for facilitating a fantastic training session. Sat Nam


Mahanraj thank you for facilitating such a wonderful retreat.

Hari Miter

Sat Nam Beautiful Sister, thank you for sharing your radiance with all of us.


Mahanraj, you are a Star! With love and joy.


Sat Nam Mahanraj, thank you for absolutely everything and thank you for You. You are a woman of “Grace”. All love surround you.


Dear Mahanraj, Thank you for caring for us in such a loving dedicated way. Just being in your presence, observing your ways is an enriching experience. Sat Nam


Sat Nam Mahanraj, Thank you so much for you dedication, kindness and caring support. You are doing a fabulous job making the world a better place. With much love.


Dear Mahanraj, Thank you for your love and support through this special journey. Love.


Dearest Mahanraj, I am so eternally grateful to have met you. Love.